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About Instrulab

Instrulab was founded in 1948 to sell and service industrial instrumentation to local manufacturers, schools, and laboratories. Originally, our product line included devices to monitor, record, and control various manufacturing and quality control processes.

In 1960, we developed Evenvolt™, which is a highly accurate, stable voltage reference to eliminate the standard battery cell and standardizing mechanism in potentiometric-type instruments. As the market for Evenvolt references increased, the company was divided into two divisions. Our manufacturing division focused its attention on other precision voltage references, and our service department focused on servicing temperature instrumentation in the Dayton, Ohio, area.

Instrulab patented a circuit that linearized the non-linear curve of Platinum RTD sensors in 1972. This allowed sensors to display the temperature on a digital screen, making data collection easier for engineers and other industry experts. With the development of microprocessors, we introduced a complete line of highly accurate instruments for Platinum RTD and thermistor sensors.

Currently, we are a manufacturer of highly stable, highly accurate Platinum RTD digital temperature instrumentation. Our products are used by the Navy, Air Force, and NASA. They are also utilized by a multitude of major corporations. We specialize in metrology-grade products with system uncertainties as high as ±0.004°C.