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Calibrating Sensors

At Instrulab, our in-house calibration and repair facility in Dayton, Ohio, works with a wide variety of industrial temperature measuring or control systems. We can calibrate instruments that work as a stand-alone measuring device, or we can perform system calibrations using your specific sensor with your instrument.


All of our calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our calibration labs are fully accredited by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau, the scope of which is very extensive and includes general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

Thermocouples and Assemblies Our Capabilities

We have capabilities of calibrating RTD sensors from -200°C to +500°C over a variety of specific ranges and thermocouples in the range of -200°F to +2,000°F. Thermistors can be calibrated over a specific span or a single, one temperature, spot. We also calibrate Calibration Resistors Cards used in model 3312A and 4312A instruments, liquid in glass thermometers, and dial thermometers in the range of -70°C to +400°C.

ReCal Price Sheet

Working Specifications

• QS9000
• AMS2750E
• BELL™ BPS 4416
• BOEING™ BAC 5621

In-House Services

• Thermocouple and Thermocouple-Wire Calibration • Instrument Repair and Calibration • Calibration of Portable Potentiometers and Process Calibrators

Mobile Calibration Services

• Probe Checks
• Calibration
• Certification of Temperature
• Certification of Pressure
• Certification of Vacuum
• Certification of Timers
• Certification of Welding Current
• Perform Uniformity Surveys
• Control Systems Troubleshooting, Repair, and Updating