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Portable Measuring Devices

Be able to record accurate data in the field. Our Dayton, Ohio-based company makes handheld temperature sensors and other portable measuring devices that are designed to work in a variety of environments. We also offer on-site calibrating services to ensure that your device is working correctly.

Model 410 Handheld/RTD Temperature Monitor Instruments

The Instrulab 410 handheld model starts as low as $1,195.00, and it has a stable, large, backlit LCD display with contrast adjustment that facilitates accurate field temperature measurement in almost any environment. The display is also timed to prevent unnecessary battery drain. Its ability to store the calculated data means no copying, interpolation, or logging errors.

Its multifunction stand allows for placement on the bench, hanging on the wall, or from a lanyard strap. The optional carrying case provides convenient portability while protecting the instrument and sensor. It is password-protected to prevent accidental or malicious tampering with data or calibration coefficients. There is also a place to store your manual, so it won't get lost.

Model 410 Handheld

Model 410 Specifications

Temperature Range

  • -196°C to 660°C (Equivalent °F or K Programmable)

Instrument Uncertainty

  • ±0.020°C at 23° ±5°C Ambient (Used with 100 Half-Sensors)
  • ±0.046°F at 23° ±5°C Ambient (Used with 100 Half-Sensors)
  • ±0.008 1/2 from 0 to 340.000 1/2

Temperature Resolution

  • 0.01°C (-196° to -100°C)
  • 0.001°C (-100°to 660°C) and Equivalent °F and K Ranges
  • (Note: 0.01°C Full Range Resolution Is Also Programmable)

Model 310 Handheld/Thermistor Temperature Monitor Instruments

Our 310 handheld model is very similar to the 410 model. It features the same LCD screen, energy-saving technology, stand, and manual storage space. It is also available for $1,195.00. Model 310 does have some unique features that make is suitable for a variety of different tasks.

Model 310 Handheld

Model 310 Specifications

  • Steinhart-Hart™ Thermistor Polynomial Sensor
  • YSI 400 Series or Equivalent (2252 OHM at 25°C)
  • 00 Data Sets Stored, Including: Min, Max, Average, Date, Location, & Time
    Password Protection
  • RS232 Serial Port for Data Upload or Download of Coefficients and Commands
  • 7-Hour Nickel-Metal-Hydride Battery (AC Adapter and Charger Included)

Temperature Range

  • -5°C to 105°C (Equivalent °F or K Programmable)

Instrument Uncertainty

  • ±0.010°C from -5°C to 60°C at 23° ±5°C Ambient
  • ±0.015°C from -60°C to 105°C at 23° ±5°C Ambient
  • Equivalent Uncertainties Apply to °F or K Ranges
  • ±0.01% of Reading ±4 LSD from 0 to 9600 OHM

Temperature Resolution

  • 0.01°C or 0.001° Programmable Over Full Range In °F, °C, and K (0.01 OHM resolution)