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YSI Series 400 Thermistor Sensors
These Series 400  sensors can used with any instrument that uses YSI series 400 sensors. They can be  calibrated for standard, spot or custom calibration depending on the accuracy and temperature range of interest.
  • All probes have 10-foot, vinyl-covered shielded wire. Water-resistant junctions
       between probe and lead wire should not be immersed.
  • Standard off-the-shelf accuracy for models 405 and 409
       are 0.100C from 0C to 70C and 0.210C at 100C .
  • Accuracy can be improved to 0.030C with CUSTOM CALIBRATION
  • Accuracy over a narrow range  to 0.020C with SPOT CALIBRATION
       over a narrow ( 5C) temperature range.
  • We also offer SUPER STABLE thermistors for application that require the readings
       to be extremely stable over an extended time.
  • In addition, we  can provide any standard YSI 400 series thermistor, 2252 ohms @ 25C  

    These sensors are ideal for use with  the 3312A Series  multichannel instruments. or the 310 Hand held instrument.